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Gambling should be fun

Having a bet on a horse, the dogs, in the casino or as a member of a lottery should be fun, an exciting way of taking a risk as long as the risk is kept under control.

Most people enjoy the experience without any problem but for a small minority it ceases to be fun and can dominate lives.

Responsible Gambling
  1. Gambling is fun and enjoyable and a form of entertainment.
  2. Set limits on the amount you spend and stick with them.
  3. Be aware of and limit the time spent on gambling.
  4. Don’t gamble to solve financial problems.
  5. Don’t gamble to escape personal problems.
How to recognise problem gambling

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  1. Do you skip work to gamble?
  2. Do you gamble to try to pay off debts?
  3. Do you gamble to escape problems?
  4. Do you borrow money to gamble?
  5. If you lose do you try to win back your losses?
  6. Are you reluctant to spend gambling money on anything else?
  7. Have you lost interest in other activities?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then you may have a problem and could benefit from contacting GambleAware.


GambleAware is a registered charity and are committed to promoting a responsible attitude to gambling. GambleAware provides information, advice and support for individuals and their family and friends who have concerns about problem gambling.If you think that you have a gambling problem, or someone you know has a problem, then GamCare may be able to help.

For advice or information call FREE on 0808 8020 133 or visit www.gambleaware.org.uk

Preston North End Social Responsibility Policy

Preston North End operate a self-exclusion policy. The procedure requires you to enter into an agreement with us. The self-exclusion period will be for a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 5 years. You can commence self-exclusion immediately should you wish to do so. If you would like further information please ask advice from any member of the Promotions staff.

Preston North End limit lottery subscriptions to £20 per person per week and the purchase of half time day draw tickets to £20 per transaction.

Preston North End and its agents will not sell lotteries to persons under the age of 16. Proof of age may be requested.

Preston North End operate an open and fair policy and invite members of the public to make the lottery draws. Anyone interested please contact +44 (0)1772 693316.

A list of projects funded by the Preston North End Development Association (PNEDA) monies is available on request. Please contact +44 (0)1772 693316.

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