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There are strict regulations that determine how lottery monies are spent. Contrary to what some people believe lottery monies cannot be used to pay wages or overhead expenses.

The decision on how to spend lottery funds is made by The Preston North End Development Association (PNEDA), an elected group of 13 members who meet on a regular basis to discuss projects which are put forward by Preston North End Football Club. The Aims and Objectives of the Development Association, which was inaugurated in 1977, are to ensure that the funds are used to improve and provide new equipment and facilities for the Football Club for the purpose of enabling continued participation in the sport. Decisions are made based on the potential improvement of football performance, supporting new talent, and improving the safety and experience of all visitors to the Club.

Projects identified for PNEDA cash are put forward to the committee along with the costs involved. The 13 strong group then vote and determine whether the project is appropriate for lottery funding. If deemed so, the payment is only made once the work has been completed and on production of invoices.

Each year our Lotteries raise well in excess of £100,000. After prizes and expenses have been paid a sum in the region of £450,000 is available to Preston North End Football Club by request and the BWDA Committee make sure that the money is well spent.

Recent projects which have been agreed for lottery funding are:

New grounds equipment to keep the pitches at the Reebok Stadium, the Euxton Training Complex and the Lostock Academy in tip top condition.

Improvements to the CCTV system to make a safer environment and to comply with both current and future legislation.

Supporter seating upgrade and replacement commencing with the more exposed front rows of the lower tiers.

Provide undersoil heating to pitch 1 at Euxton Training complex to ensure uninterrupted training during periods of bad weather .

Reconstruction of pitch 2 at Euxton Training Complex. Poor drainage rendered the pitch unplayable in bad weather and lottery funding provided a new drainage system as part of the rebuild.

Improve the heating system within Bolton Central to provide a more comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience for our fans and visitors.

Purchase the direct debit software to enable our supporters to spread the cost of their season tickets.

A full 10 year list of projects funded by YOUR lottery contributions is available on request.

Everyone at Preston North End Football Club is grateful to the members of our Goldline and Lifeline lottery schemes, also to those of you who purchase Golden Gamble half time draw tickets and Instant Win Scratchcards. We also recognise the FANTASTIC work of our lottery agents and match-day sellers who face the elements week in week out .


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